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39, القوس
إرسال إكرامية
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الجنس مؤنث
التفضيل الجنسي ثنائي الجنس
العمر 39
الارتفاع 5' - 5'3" [150سم - 160سم]
الوزن 140 - 160 باوند [60 - 70 كغم]
الشعر حمراء الشعر
العيون أسمر
العرق لاتيني / اسباني
اللغات الأسبانية
شعرالعانة محلوق
النصف العلوي متوسطة الحجم
المؤخرة كبير
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Someone to like to spending time with someone else, gentleman, respect
My name is CAMILA a mature woman , I am currently 39 years old study international business, marketing and sales, proudly COLOMBIAN and proud of my roots, I come from a very humble, country and hard-working who taught me that if you want something in life you have to strive and often sacrifice a few things to get what we want, whenever I thought everything in due time I say I "TIME TIME" every day has its eagerness. I am CamGirl 13 years ago, I have worked on different platforms but 5 years ago I met , I had a bad experience and had to change my account to the current .. Have much to thank the site and many of my tippers HAVE BECOME MY friends that so far I have managed from a distance ... I'm not easy to deal with as I'm very serious, and I always seem in a way hahahaha... it's my perality, it's nothing against you ... as a woman and as a per I have many qualities and flaws but!!! Who doesn't? I like to cook, read a good book such as: "THE SIX MOST IMPORTANT DECISIONS OF YOUR LIFE" author SEAN COVEY... SHARING WITH , LISTENING TO MUSIC SOMETIMES DRAWING AND WRITING I'M VERY GOOD AT LISTENING AS CAMGIRL, I AM ATTENTIVE RESPESTUOUS, IF I RECEIVE RESPECT, DO NOT KNOW ME BY PLEASE DO NOT INSULT ME I AM NOT , ETC REMEMBER MY NAME CALLED CAMILA OR KOURTNEY,,, IF YOU READ A LITTLE LOWER YOU KNOW MY SPECIALTIES, RULES OF MY TIP MENU ROOM I HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU AND THAT WE CAN NOT ONLY HAVE FUN BUT BE FRIENDS GIANT KISSES AND HUGS FROM A DISTANCE
ما يطفئ شهوتي
Turn off someone who's a butthead
Best Reason to Get to Know Me:
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When I accept the pvt with you I try to be fair but if you are with me then do not come to insult me because Guys I do not want more misunderstandings. If you come to my room and want a pvt and receive a very good show please read the rules of my room and the tip menu where it says specifically everything about my shows in public and pvt so we will not have problems I can also be rude to you .. this is a win to win so you have to be worth it

Any Request with Tokens PM 10 tokens Don't be rude, Respect the chat room and the other guest. No Scort Service No money exchange for shows outside my work schedule.


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